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CRCM Safety

Flying Safety Rules and Guidelines

(Click here For a printable version with No Fly zone map)


Call out before you do any of the following


Take off


Dead Stick

Touch and Go

On the Field



Yellow line closest to fence is no cross boundary line stay in front of that line at all times.

Do not Fly over the no Fly Zones (see map)


Yellow line on concrete by the pavilion is no cross line for spectators

Delay taking off while people are on the bike path

Maintain safe Altitude over the bike path

Do not fly over the waste ponds



Only Person Flying


You may do low passes over the Runway

You may also fly the pattern in any direction you want regardless of wind direction.



Two or more people Flying


Takeoffs and Landings will be done into the wind.

All flying will be done over the dirt on the other side of the Runway

The into the wind pass will be closest to the Runway

The downwind pass will be farther out from the Runway

Flying low over the Runway is not permitted unless you call out Touch and Go or Landing.


Fly Zone


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